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The Necessity of Qigong

While Qigong and Chinese tonic herbs are used generally for maintaining health and curing diseases caused by Shen, Qi and Jing deficiency, and obstruction of the physiological function in the organs of the body, most people are not aware of the necessity of Qigong and tonic herbs in sports, in energy building for energy practitioners and enlightenment seekers.

Important Note for those who Exercise a lot: Nowadays, external appearance is very important to many people. They believe that as long as one looks good, one is healthy. As long as one is moving, one is exercising. These are fallacies. We know that external appearance does not indicate what is inside. The same is true in exercise and sport. There is a common phenomenon we observe everyday where professional athletes often do not have long careers when compared to average people. This is especially true when the sports they play are very physically demanding. Many athletes have a career that lasts an average of 10 to 15 years and then they are forced to retire due to health problems. Many of these retired athletes come down with immune related diseases when they are in their middle age. Recently, there are few top athletes who die of heart complication which is the result of high physical and emotional stress demands they experience in sports competition. The main reason for this tragedy is that they use up a lot of energy known as “life force” or “qi” in traditional Chinese medicine theory to maintain the physiologic organ functions, and they do not supplement enough energy through Qigong during their careers.

More so to every energy practitioner – yoga, Qi-healers, pranic, reiki or merkaba practitioners – who unknowingly needs Qigong to replenish and maintain their energy reserve in their lower dantian by rooting to mother earth so they don’t get burned out, and most importantly avoid the kundalini syndomes commonly experienced by energy practitioners of various traditions. Prolonged unbalanced energy in their chakras and dantians have caused imbalances and disease conditions and in extreme cases as a cause to their early transition.

Even more so for those who seek whole body enlightenment — where the whole body chakras of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual subtle lightbodies are activated or enlightened experienced as overwhelming love, joy, bliss and happiness, as opposed to head enlightenment popularly promoted nowadays by western and other yoga meditation teachers — Qigong is a necessity and a must for safety reasons. There are many unreported cases of post kundalini syndromes such as spaciness in the head, psychosis, headaches or heart complication as a result of kundalini awakening which can be prevented through a proper understanding and application of Qigong under a qualified certified Qigong instructor who is knowledgeable in these subjects.

The necessity of Qigong for the above reasons which are based from my personal experiences as an energy practitioner for over 30 years – it takes one to know one – have inspired me to write the seven books elaborated in You Hold the Keys to Healing for the benefit of exercise enthusiasts and especially to my colleagues in yoga, pranic healing, merkaba practice and traditional Chinese medicine.

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According to Dr. Ni’s Neijing Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine:

Huang Di asked, “How does one go about maintaining absolute health and well-being?”

Qi Bo replied, “Health and well-being can be achieved only by remaining centered in spirit, guarding against the squandering of energy, promoting the constant flow of qi and blood, maintaining harmonious balance of yin and yang, adapting to the changing seasonal and yearly macrocosmic influences, and nourishing one’s self preventively.”

The following quotations from Dr. Ni’s Neijing talked about the long life, extraordinary accomplishments, and exemption from pathogenic influences of the enlightened immortals, and the sages, achieved beings and naturalists who practice Qigong and the Tao, the Way of Life:

Yellow Emperor Huang Di asked, “I’ve heard of people in ancient times, spoken of as the immortals, who knew the secrets of the universe and held yin and yang, the world, in the palm of their hands. They extracted essence from nature and practiced various diciplines such as Dao-in and Qigong and breathing and visualization exercises, to integrate the body, mind and spirit. They remained undisturbed and thus attained extraordinary levels of accomplishment. Can you tell me about them?”

Qi Bo responded, “The immortals kept their mental energies focused and refined, and harmonized their bodies with the environment. Thus, they did not show conventional signs of aging and were able to live beyond their biological limitations.

“Not so long ago there were people known as achieved beings who had true virtue, understood the Way of Life, and were able to adapt to and harmonize with the universe and the seasons. They too were able to keep their mental energy through proper concentration.

“These achieved beings did not live like ordinary humans, who tended to abuse themselves. They were able to travel freely to different times and places since they were not governed by conventional views of time and space. Their sense of perceptions were supernormal, going far beyond the sight and hearing of ordinary humans. They were also able to preserve their life spans and live in full health, much as the immortals did.

“There was a third type of a person, known as the sage. The sages lived peacefully under Heaven and Earth, following the rhythms of the planet and the universe. They adapted to society without being swayed by cultural trends. They were free from emotional extremes and lived a balanced, contented existence. Their outward appearance, behavior and thinking did not reflect the conflicting norms of society. The sages appeared busy but were never depleted. Internally they did not overburden themselves. They abided in calmness, recognizing the empty nature of phenomenological existence. The sages lived over one hundred years because they did not scatter and disperse their energies.

“A fourth type were the natural people who followed the Tao, the Way of Life, and were called naturalists. They lived in accordance with the rhythmic patterns of the seasons: Heaven and Earth, moon, sun and stars. They aspired to follow the way of the ancient times, choosing not to lead excessive lifestyles. They, too, lived plainly and and enjoyed long life.”

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