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Baba Hanuman

Pranadeva, Lord of Breath (Prana)

You are the destroyer of Suffering, the abode of Grace.

According to popular tradition, Hanuman is not only the greatest devotee in terms of loving Rama, but also the greatest in worshipping him, particularly in the devotional chanting known as kirtan that calls upon sacred pranic energies which serve to quiet the mind, remove obstacles, open and heal the heart, and bring us back to the center of our being. According to popular belief, Hanuman is present wherever Rama’s name is sung, since taking part in this is his highest bliss.

Baba Hanuman

Namo… Namo…Anjaninandanaaya

I bow, I bow again and again to Anjani’s son, Hanuman

Jaya Seeyaa Raama, Jai Jai Hanumaan

Victory to Sita and Ram, Victory to Hanuman
Victory over the darkness of suffering…

Jaya Bajrangbalee, Baba Hanuman

Victory to the one with the body of a thunderbolt
My Baba, Hanuman.

Sankata Mochan kripaa nidhaan

You are home of all Grace.
Destroy all my problems, calamities and sufferings.

Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosaaee

Hail My Lord Hanuman

Kripaa karahu Gurudeva kee naaee

You are my Guru, bestow your Grace on me.

Sankata Mochan kripaa nidhaan,

You are the destroyer of Suffering, the abode of Grace

Laala Langotta, Laala Nishaan

You wear a red langotta and carry a red flag

Hare Raama Raama Raama, Seetaa Raama Raama Raama

Source: Krihna Das Baba Hanuman Lyrics

Hanuman leading Kirtan. This image also shows Hanuman as a devotee, holding the hand cymbals that are used during kirtan as rhythm instruments; Rama and Sita are seen outlined on his chest, indicating his total devotion. This peaceful, devotional image stands in marked contrast other martial images, and Hanuman’s personality has this complex mix of power and devotion. “Rama” in ancient Sanskrit literally means “Ra” – radiance, and “Ma” – within, or the radiance within an individual.

This is another extremely common contemporary image, and one that also reflects popular piety as epitome of selflessness, humility and devotion for Sri Rama.

Hanuman reading the Ramayana

Who you meditate on, you become.

See Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Lord Hanuman Gayatri, Hanuman Qigong for the Heart, and Return to Oneness with Shiva

CONCLUDING NOTE by Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac.: I find experientially that meditating on Hanuman through his mantras Chalisa, Gayatri and Baba Hanuman during stressful situations have been healing and opening my heart to the unconditional love of the universe, and have been cleansing and clearing my meridians in the process. I believe that the main reason for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits derived by chanting the mantras is because as the palpable personification as Sankata Mochan (reliever of suffering) and as Lord of Breath, Pranadeva Hanuman infuses the meditator devotee (bhakta) with the essential love energy which is the greatest force in the universe. Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman.

With Hanuman Qigong as one of the Enlightenment Qigong forms, its potential for the self-realization or enlightenment of its meditation and Qigong practitioners is made possible when his heart is integrated with spirit, one’s thoughts gradually melt from the mind, merging with the purest qi and the most sincere love in the universe.

See Why I meditate on Hanumanji

– Why I meditate on Hanuman Ji, page 7, Return to Oneness with Shiva

This book Return to Oneness with Shiva is dedicated to all the people whose life challenge is battling their monkey-mind (ego) which I believe is the cause of suffering and can be conquered by becoming like Hanuman whose love and devotion to his Sadguru is shown by the application of Hanuman Qigong and Hunaman ji’s mantras and self-realization teachings of Kashmir Shaivism contained in this book.

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“This is how I quiet my monkey mind – I become aware of my breath and my monkey mind quiets down. Where awareness goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, awareness follows.”
– Acharya Ricardo B Serrano

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