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What is Distance Healing and Its Healing Benefits?

Distance healing is basically healing spiritually someone at a distance or remotely in another location (city, country) by a spiritually developed healer. The date and time for distance healing is synchronized between a client and a healer, so that a client or patient is receptive to a distance healer’s Qi-healing. Picture of a patient is helpful to establish a stronger etheric link with a patient.

Why does it work?

The following principles are based on the principles of pranic healing:

Principle of Transmittability. Life force or vital energy can be transmitted from one person to another person.

Principle of Receptivity. A patient has to be receptive or at least neutral to receive the projected pranic energy. Being relaxed also helps increase the degree of receptivity. Without receptivity, the projected pranic energy will not be absorbed, or only a minimal amount of it will be absorbed. Patients may not be receptive because: they are biased towards this type of healing, they do not like the healer personally, they do not want to get well, or they are in general not receptive about anything.

Principle of Interconnectedness. The body of the patient and the body of the healer are interconnected with each other since they are part of the earth’s energy body. On a more subtle level, it means that we are part of the solar system. We are interconnected with the whole cosmos. The principle of interconnectedness is also called the Principle of Oneness.

Principle of Directability. Life force can be directed. It follows where attention is focused; it follows thought. Distant pranic healing is based on the principle of directability and the principle of interconnectedness.

Healing Benefits of Distance healing

The same physical, psychological and emotional healing benefits are obtained in distance healing as in a regular one-on-one Qi-healing session. Most clients have noted that their spirits have lifted with an overall experience of tingling all over the body, inner peace, psychological and emotional healing. Some clients have noted that they felt lightness, revitalized, energized and joyful.


Regular one-on-one pranic or Qi-healing session is generally a preferable mode of healing, however, because of distance and time restraints between a healer and a patient, distance healing is another viable option to those who prefer remote distance healing.

Ricardo’s principal healing Spiritual guides are Bodhisattva Padmasambhava and Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin) who assist his distance healing work and mission. Other ascended healing masters (Hathors) also are at hand assisting during the distance healing session. Divine spiritual (God’s) energy or Tian qi through the higher soul is directed by a spiritual healer to heal a patient’s disease at a distance.

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Distance healing (holographic sound healing) by Qigong healer Ricardo B Serrano may also assist in the recipient’s Merkaba activation which initiates the holistic healing and enlightenment process.


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