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Sun Yoga and Its Healing and Enlightenment Aspects

Most people in the West are not familiar of Sun Yoga as a disciplined practice of safe sun gazing, safe sunbathing, and drinking sun charged water and are not aware of its healing aspects.

To maximize the energetic healing effect of the sun for chronic physical, mental and emotional ailments caused by sunlight and primordial Qi energy deficiency, I have combined the disciplined practice of sun gazing, sunbathing and Qigong at sunrise daily for healing, whole body enlightenment, and transformation of consciousness.

The Sunlight and Eye model below with excerpts on the eyes, sunlight and well-being, and ultraviolet light from the sun derived from Dr. Jacob Liberman’s book I believe explain scientifically the healing aspects and the process behind the safe sun gazing and safe sunbathing practice as promoted by my sun gazing and sunbathing teacher Sun Yogi Hira Ratan Manek.

Sunlight and Eye Model with Hypothalamus at the center of all bodily functions

The Eyes, Sunlight and our Well-Being

These findings, along with those of many other highly respected scientists and physicians, seem to indicate that the human body is truly a living photocell that is energized by the sun’s light, the nutrient of humankind. Since light is recognized as having a profound effect on all living things, and since our perception of light is by way of our eyes, it becomes evident that the function of the eyes may not be for “seeing” alone.

Light enters the eyes not only to serve vision, but to go directly to the body’s biological clock within the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the nervous system and endocrine system, whose combined effects regulate all biological functions in humans. In addition, the hypothalamus controls most of the body’s regulatory functions by monitoring light-related information and sending it to the pineal, which then uses this information to cue other organs about light conditions in the environment. In other words, the hypothalamus acts as a puppet master who, quietly and out of sight, controls most of the functions that keep the body in balance.

All the body’s systems relate to each other in a constant state of flux, with the hypothalamus at the center. The hypothalamus interfaces between mind and body, coordinating the readiness of both, affecting our consciousness, and thereby controlling our constant state of preparedness. This critical maintenance of body harmony is affected by synchronizing the body’s vital functions with the environmental conditions, or, as some people say, “becoming one with the universe.”

Why we need UV light from the sun:

UV light activates vitamin D synthesis.
UV light lowers blood pressure.
UV light increases heart “performance”.
UV light improves ECG and blood parameters in persons suffering from arteriosclerosis.
UV light lowers cholesterol counts.
UV light helps in weight loss.
UV light is effective against psoriasis.
UV light is effective with numerous other ailments (Krudsen in his book Light Therapy lists 165 diseases).
UV light promotes the production of sex hormones.
UV light activates an important skin hormone (Solitrole).
UV light is a nutrient just as vitamins and minerals.

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