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Swastika, seal of Buddha’s Heart

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Buddha’s Teachings and Quotations

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” – Buddha Buddha means the enlightened one, was a spiritual teacher from the Indian subcontinent on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. He was born as Siddhartha Gautama, also referred to as Gautama Buddha or as Sakyamuni (Sage of the Sakyas). In most Buddhist traditions, he is […]

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The Three Jewels of Buddhism

In this fascinating documentary, historian Bettany Hughes travels to the seven wonders of the Buddhist world and offers a unique insight into one of the most ancient belief systems still practiced today. Buddhism began 2,500 years ago when one man had an amazing internal revelation underneath a peepul tree in India. Today it is practiced […]

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13 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Who The Hathors Are and Why They Have Come

Who The Hathors Are and Why They Have Come

Hathor, Master of Sound and Love “You must build the Ka; you must build the life-force.” – Hathors According to Channelled Messages from the Hathors in Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene’s Hathor Material book, “We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If […]

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